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Our Portfolio of Companies

Enabling disruptive scientific changes.

Our unique approach ensures our portfolio companies are creating game changing revolutionary science, actively building collaborative working relationships with our companies to help them grow. As a result, we don’t just invest, we partner to enable disruptive scientific changes helping patients live better lives.

Alpine Immune Sciences

We founded and seed funded Alpine Immune Sciences in 2015 to lead the next evolution of immunotherapies. The company was created to capitalize on the founders’ unique understanding of immunology, creating protein-based multispecific immunotherapies targeting the immune synapse to treat cancer and autoimmune/inflammatory disorders. The company closed its Series A funding of $48M in June 2016 (press release). The company became publicly traded in July 2017 (press release) on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ‘ALPN’. In June 2020, the company signed a transformative option and license agreement with AbbVie for the development and commercialization of ALPN-101 (press release)


We joined Frazier Healthcare to make a $20M Series A round investment in November 2017. Mavu is developing oral non-nucleotide, conditional modulators of the STING pathway to treat cancer and infectious disease. Mavu was acquired by AbbVie in July 2019. (Press release)

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We founded Alpine Biosciences in 2012 to develop ‘protocells’, a unique nanoparticle platform technology licensed from the University of New Mexico and Sandia National Labs. Protocells are designed to enable the targeted delivery of multiple therapeutic agents, including nucleic acids, proteins, peptides, and small molecules. Alpine Biosciences was sold to Cascadian Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CASC) in August of 2014.

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